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Mac Pro Cosmetics No innate Nongmei Mao Okay! Eyebrow pencil and eyebrow can help you, simply eight steps, even if it is the failure of the eyebrow and some rescue. Are you ready? Now to build step by step to bring you a variety of New Year's good luck fortune bushy eyebrows makeup.
step1: eyebrows uneven, asymmetrical, mac pro cosmetics is the face of the most jarring, but most not open around the visual focus, it must first be a good eyebrow, nose stick with eyebrow brush to keep upright, thereby to determine the medial eyebrows Best location starting point.mac pro cosmetics uk
step2: Next eyebrow brush and then connect the nose and the outer corner of the eye, thereby to determine the best location of the outer end of the eyebrow, eyebrow brush with the vertical direction at this time about a mac pro makeup 45 degree angle.
step3: mac cosmetics pro card eyelash brush comb eyebrows, the direction is determined according to its own discretion, the aim is to make them symmetrical, neat, and identify the need to focus on the modified area.mac pro cosmetics canada
step4: choose an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow slightly darker than the color, with a short, thin strokes, lightly filled from the inside out relatively sparse site, pay attention to the color not too deep.
mac cosmetics jobs step5: by the end of the angled eyebrow brush, dipped in the same color and eyebrow pencil, and then detailed outline of the entire eyebrow again, but not the end of the eyebrows painted too small.
step6: then clean eyelash brush to have been painted with too little mixed colors, soften the edges of the lines for the rich layering of color and eyebrows, and then gently brush the eyebrows of some slightly lighter color gel,mac pro cosmetics australia  bushy eyebrows makeup on ok slightly.
Tips: once in the past 13 years, mac pro cosmetics store 14 years, we welcome the arrival of the New Year, how are you going to meet changing their attire, make yourself more beautiful in 14 makeup online

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